Diversify the airways, maybe

Air America might be a great idea in theory, but it seems a bit rough getting off the ground. Like Blunted, I tried to register for the streaming audio, and got the cold shoulder from their server. I also searched for some of the stations listed on their member list, and got dead-ends for listening mirrors.

Not only that, but their form’s radio buttons for gender let me select both male and female. I guess there are more transexuals in the liberal audience than in the conservative audience.

I’m sure they’ll work it out, but I was hoping to be there for the debut. I’m not as excited about Al Franken’s show (though interested) as I am about Chuck D co-driving the morning show bus. Como se dice, iconic?

Oh, and MPs* to the small beta testing group for this site — particularly those on Microsoft platforms. The feedback has proved beneficial, and helped my coding slave (re: brother) jiggle the handle, as it were, to make the site more stable.

* Mad props

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