Mind the income gap, Pt. 1

This is a long think piece by a guy named Tom Stites on the widening gaps between the media, the people and democracy. Click through if you have a lot of time on your hands. It’s worth it if you’re as passionate about the media as I am.

I don’t know Stites, and hadn’t heard of him until I found the piece through Romenesko, a media junkie blog. Still, it seems his years of experience have hardened into insight on this industry and, by extension, democracy.

Stites thinks the media are out of touch with low income readers and viewers, and in many ways have given up aiming for them. You can call them Joe Six-Pack or Sally Waits-Tables, but whatever you call them debases them and alienates them further. They’re people, with lives, loves and concerns.

They read, but just not newspapers, and definitely not blogs. They have no use for stock quotes or tips on picking the best $300 handbag. Real people need real information. To survive. To get the most from their paychecks, their neighborhoods and the country they (we) live in. Stites is concerned they don’t get that information – at least not enough of it.

And, he’s inspired me to write more, but not until I’ve slept it over.

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