Carmen Verdusco, 1995-2010



Carmen Verdusco, beloved cat and cherished companion, died today at home surrounded by family after a long illness. She was 15.

Carmen was born in summer 1995. She came to live with the Verdusco family that August, after turning up on the porch of brothers Mike and Jeremy in Lansing, Mich. At the time, she fit in the palm of a hand.

In her kitten years, she enjoyed chasing and eating bugs, and attacking the feet of sleeping people. Over the course of an eventful life, she lived many places, including Lansing, Okemos, Ypsilanti and, briefly, Saginaw, Mich.; and Ocala and St. Petersburg, Fla. Most recently, she called Royal Oak and Huntington Woods, Mich., home. In each place, she never failed to find a warm sunbeam cast on a comfortable spot.

She will be fondly remembered for her stable companionship — she always had the time to sit through a movie or provide a reassuring purr in sad times, fetching wadded balls of paper, and her penchant for cat treats and rolling in catnip with abandon.

Carmen is survived by owners Jeremy and Kisha Verdusco, and their daughter, Rachel, whose love for Carmen could barely be restrained, and countless extended family and admirers.

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