Name a thing, master a thing

Today, girlie proudly announced “poop! poop!” I met her imploring statement with a mix of pride, excitement and relief, and of course a diaper change.

Girlie adds new words and concepts at an alarming rate. This makes me proud. I feel like she — and me by extension — is exceptional, though her vocabulary likely grows at a normal rate. Poop, to me, seems like an advanced concept for someone not even 18 months old. How do you wrap your head around such an event when you can barely use two words together?

If I made a list of the worst aspects of fatherhood, changing diapers would occupy the first, second and third spots. Girlie making her bathroom needs known puts us on the path to potty training. I know, another adventure awaits. But I excitedly welcome the first peek I’ve had in a while of a life without diapers.

That, my friends, is a relief.


Girlie at library story time

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