Riding the pa-liptical

Riding an elliptical or as girlie calls it, the “pa-liptical,” doesn’t come naturally to me. It just doesn’t. Call it an inherent lack of rhythm. Call it a bias for running. Call it what you will, it’s not easy for me. But I’m learning.

We bought an elliptical a few weeks back of Craigslist. About the same time, I developed a pain above the medial side of my left ankle. And no, it’s not from lifting the elliptical and helping to move it downstairs (that damn thing’s heavy!). The pain, I suspect, is a minor overuse injury, so I prescribed myself a few weeks of not running.

That’s where the elliptical comes in. I still wanted exercise, but needed zero impact. After several uses, I’m finally getting the hang to it. It’s like running in sand: It’s difficult and you don’t get anywhere. But it keeps my legs moving and gives a modicum of aerobic action, so I can’t complain.

That said, I still can’t wait to get back to running. The ankle’s improving, so I’m optimistic. This weekend might be good. Waiting a full two weeks, which would be middle of next week, might be better. Either way, I think I’ll stick to an elliptical session a week or so; I think it’ll help build leg strength.

In other running news, I registered today for the North Country Run 2012 marathon in August. Stoked to renew the marathon card, and it looks like a fun event. Registration even includes a barbecue and beers at the finish line. How can you beat that?

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