Fonzing my iPhone

This is fun.

I’ve had problems with my iPhone button on and off for months. Late Sunday, it stopped responding (again). No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to click. I’d press dozens of times, and the screen would just sit there, taunting me. Restarting the phone every time I want to change an app is no fun, I must say.

Originally, I blamed the hardware. The button on my last phone wore out after about a year, too. Later, I blamed software. I thought maybe a badly coded app was sticking it to the OS. Then I updated iOS, and it happened again right after the update. My suspicion turned to iOS itself. But that wasn’t consistent. I’ve come full circle, now, back to hardware.

The most recent episode lasted until Tuesday, during which time my iPhone was essentially useless. Then I dropped it while trying to juggle the device and a few other items as I signed the paperwork to enter a local 5K.

Bingo. Dropping it on my foot jarred back into place whatever doesn’t work behind that button. Responsiveness for days. Or hours, at least. It stopped reacting to clicks again later that day. Bam! I clunked it hard on a table on the headphone-jack side. Back in business. Fonz, meet jukebox.

At least now I know how to fix it. Funny. We build these advanced devices that get more and more advanced all the time. And when they break, it’s still a swift kick or a good thump that fixes them.

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