New job

I’ve waited to make the announcement on public social media, but I’m not waiting any longer. My days of daily journalism are numbered. In fact, I can count them on my two hands with fingers to spare.

Starting later this month, I’ll join BNP Media, a business-to-business publisher out of Troy, as editor of National Driller. As you might guess, it focuses on the drilling industry, specifically water drilling but also touching on other areas. I’ll set the agenda for coverage, manage contributors, cultivate more contributors, and find ways to grow and improve the product. I’ll reach out to and try to engage readers using social media. And, I think I’ll have fun doing it.

If you think reading stories about drilling sounds dull, try reading years of Kwame Kilpatrick coverage and Martha Stewart columns. No different. I’ve worked at The Detroit News for almost five and a half years. It’s past time for a change and this is it.

Plus, it’s a day job. Years ago, I went to college to improve my lot in life. At the time, I was working a lot of night shifts. Well, professional life in my chosen field has meant more night shifts than I care to count. My schedule had improved somewhat lately, but still could be unpredictable. A 9-5 or 8-4 job means more time with my girls (both of them, at the same time).  I already know I have Christmas off. This year and next, and the one after. And that’s not something I could say working at a newspaper.

It’ll be a big change.

I wish my ink-stained newspaper brethren the best. I learned a lot and it was fun while it lasted. I’ll always have a soft spot for newspapers, but it’s time for me to move on.

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