Winter skin for runners

Cold is now trending in the upper Midwest. Not far behind—wind, ice and snow. Distance runners often revel in withstanding conditions other, more rational, humans won’t. Usually, I do too.

But last year I never toughened up to my usual winter skin. I can’t let that happen again this year. I won’t spend the winter getting dizzy running laps on the YMCA track until I lose count. Ever run a half marathon in tenth-mile bits and bites? Not recommended.

I haven’t run in a few weeks. I ran a 17-miler in California then. I’ll get back to it in a few days. In the meantime, I’ve deliberately underdressed as the weather back here in Michigan transformed from bad to worse. I took my hair down to scalp and skip the hat. I wear ankle socks everywhere. I need to feel the draft. I need to meet the cold face to face, introduce myself and give it a firm handshake.

Winter, bring it. Give me sub-zero degrees so my breath frosts my beard. Give me snow to crunch under my Skoras. Give me grey skies and short days so I need a headlamp to find my way home after a three-hour run.

Spring marathon season calls. Maybe it’ll be Bayshore. Maybe another race. I don’t know. But I’m committed to running like a badass through the winter. Who’s with me?

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