Capturing evil in a Ball jar

My most recent kitchen experiment turned out a little more evil than I expected. I pureed the fermented sauce tonight and got about three cups of vileness.

This latest sauce started about a month ago. I fermented scotch bonnet peppers and roasted jalapenos with some carrot and garlic. Last time, I used just salt water for the liquid. This time I used a lighter brine and three quarter cup of kefir whey. I had read that whey can get homebrew veggie fermentation started. It didn’t disappoint.

I covered the fermenting mixture with a thick slice of “sacrificial” onion. After a couple weeks, I pulled the moldy onion off. After that, I think the mixture had fermented enough to not mold again on the surface.

It sat another couple weeks before I gave it the blender treatment. Last time, I used the food processor. When I put that batch through the sieve, a lot of solids were left over and discarded. This time, I used the blender, which left a lot less in the way of solids. Almost all of it went through the metal sieve.

This batch is hot. It only has half a dozen scotch bonnets and five jalapenos, but those peppers put in work. I could feel it in the air when I was grinding it up. But the garlic and the roast on the jalapenos give it some character. Still, a few drops ought to go a long way.

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