Truckin’ along

I managed to run about 13.5 miles this week, a little more than the half marathon I’d like to run this October. I ache, but it’s not because I’ve strained my Achilles tendon, like I did in late January and early March. I ache because I ran, ran right and ran well.

Earlier injuries, I think, were due most directly to style: I was running badly. Actually, I’ve run badly all my life. I remember gym class in (I think) sixth grade. We had to run a half mile to pass. Excruciating pain shot through my shins after just that short jaunt. I learned through reading message boards and running sites last fall that my shin pain, which stopped me from running for years (not that I wanted to) likely stemmed from my heel-first stride. I was running like I walked. From a mechanical standpoint, it makes sense; each step sent a shock up my leg.

After reading that, I followed advice I found on the Web that instructed me to run toe-first to better absorb the impact. Immediately, I could endure longer and longer runs. I hit a personal best of just over six miles in one run.

The problem: I over corrected. Shin pain gave way to heel injuries. First, the right, which left me limping for over three weeks. Second, the left. Again, a limp, but less pronounced and only lasting for about two weeks. Since recovering, I’ve run maybe five times, trying to strike a middle stride, hitting the ground just behind the ball of the foot.

So far, so good. I tied that personal best this week, and look forward to incrementing upward as October’s half marathon nears.

In the meantime, I’m inspired by this story in The New York Times, and this episode of PBS’ Nova I recently watched. The former taught me a lesson about variable speeds. The latter showed me that anyone can go the distance.


I’m torn: I want to run, but I keep gumping up my Achilles tendon. First the right, back in January. For the last two weeks, the left. I’ve been stretching, just like Mrs. Blocletters suggests. I’m feeling better, but it’s still tender. But, damn if I didn’t look at the treadmill longingly on today’s trip to the gym.

The recumbent bike just doesn’t feel the same.

On the plus side, the bike somehow allows my workout less dependency on a good, driving tempo from the earbuds. It’s given me a chance to catch a couple more episodes of Coffee Break French.

Possible running goal

As I mentioned, I’ve taken up running. I guess creeping middle age has gotten to me. I suspect, like many people after age 30 or so, the concept of mortality has grown clearer and I find myself looking for ways to stave off the inevitable. Exercise, and somehow one convinces oneself that the health benefits reaped push back at death just a little bit.

Or, maybe I just enjoy it.

Either way, I’m thinking about challenging my discipline and committing to run a half marathon later this year. The inaugural Brooksie Way Half Marathon is Oct. 5. It begins and ends in front of Meadow Brook Hall on Oakland University’s campus.

This week, I ran just over 13 miles. All I have to do is fit a week’s worth of running into about two and half hours. No problem. Right?

We’ll see. I’m going to continue on the treadmill (and on the thawing streets) for the next month or so, and then decide.